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One of practical problems with the defining the difference of the models is a great deal of printed or web material and books have mixed the two models together: for they are similar.Keirsey gave Isabel Myers, a layman, a great deal of credit for rescuing Jung's work and having done a great job at observing people.The primarily problem with Myer's method of description is the problem of trying to take the "personality" or more specifically what Keirsey calls "temperament" (as opposed to Myers "type") and break it into four "independent" aspects.There is great utility in thinking about them as "independent" aspects, as people who follow the line of Myers are wont to do.Where did Carl Jung get his ideas about personality?Well, he had picked a few notions from other people and some common knowledge in Germany at the time.He picked up "Extrovert" and "Introvert" from what had been around for years, a folk psychology notion that is was latinized by some German in around 1850.

However, there are some major practical differences and a large theoretical difference between the two bodies of work.For example, "Introverts" in general as a useful concept of group behavior (such as INTJ, ISFJ, INTP, ISTP), whereas Keirsey says, sorry, its more complicated than that, and if one tries to push the concept of "Introverts" too far, you will make assertions that aren't true for all temperaments.First, let's see where Isabel Myers got her "scales" (E/I, N/S, T/F, P/J); she essentially got them by her and her mother Katherine Briggs boiling down Carl Jung's writings on personality types.But this is not the primarily problem with MBTI and Myers descriptions, this is true of all assessments, abstractions, or "theories." A model of personality is not a personality.No matter what the descriptions of personality are, they pale in comparison to the complexity of the individual.

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