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Also, remember the best questions are the ones usually depicting two uncomfortable and equally terrible scenarios.The WYR possibilities are virtually endless, allowing users to make the game as simple or harrowing as they want it to be.Somehow, I’ve found the game always manages to have an overly sexual tone, but I’d advise you from taking gender-oriented cheap shots.A guy shouldn’t lose a point just because he’s kissed a girl — just saying. Are you tired of all the Chat sites that have mostly men on them? Crgirls is the only random chat site online that connects you with only women.That's right, no guys on display in this version of Chat, made specifically for users who just want to connect with real girls.We’ve presented a few potential conundrums below, but Redditors have taken the game to an entirely new level. “Would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” (Here’s the right answer.) “Would you rather talk like Jar Jar Binks, or look like Jar Jar Binks?

Try to be creative in your questioning and avoid clarifying questions.— Say you’ve chosen Morgan Freeman as your subject.The player opposite you may ask, “Are you an animal?If you don't like your first match, simply press next.To chat and use all the features of the site you must verify that you are over 18 which is free and takes less than a minute.

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