The beverly hills dating experts guide

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"It's more passionate and intimate than a peck," Cobb adds.And see the way Jenna holds the back of Channing's neck to bring him closer, as he hunches his shoulders toward her to get closer — despite their height discrepancy?

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Here, Channing and Jenna choose to hold onto each other with their fingers interlaced, which Cobb says is a way to maximize skin-to-skin contact."They're into each other and enjoying the moment," Cobb says.What's more, Channing holds Jenna's belly as if it's his world, with his left hand on her lower back to show he supports her."When you're stressed or anxious, your body gets smaller as if to protect itself psychologically — so he could be feeling tension about something," Cobb says."The seriousness of his face matches his hands." With an open hand that signals confidence, Jenna looks less tense — meaning they're emotionally mismatched in this moment, she says.

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