The dating disasters of sirius black

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Harry knows that he feels affection for his husband, but he cannot call it love. May include tropes such as genderbent characters and mpreg (maybe? Meantime, James and Sirius needed someone to make a choice. *In fact, James fulfilled this responsibilities instead of sirius. His captor struck a tall, imposing figure, black locks neatly framing his aristocratic cheekbones. But all that came out was a soft, strangled, “Sirius.”(In which Harry accidentally time travels to 1979, is forced to pose as a Death Eater, and is captured by the Order of Phoenix) Another of those time travel stories to save Sirius (in more than one way) and for Harry to have some more emotional chaos. Familiar faces of the past are only a part of the mess they’re in.

After another heated debate about the sore subject of children, Harry finally agrees to go forward with the procedure, but neither Sirius nor Harry are quite prepared for what such a massive decision would entail, or even if their tenuous, shaky relationship would even survive it. Various drabbles about different pairings from the Harry Potter universe, usually Harry with someone else. The relaxed line of his mouth did nothing to soften the furious, slightly maniacal glint in his cool gray eyes, fixed unwaveringly upon him.“Finally awake… If Harriet thought that her mission had finally been completed and her life become free, she would find herself most grievously mistaken.

Meeting the Marauders, in a universe not quite his own.

Follow Harry's adventure in this alternative universe, but not everything is as it seems... Un sorcier Fouchelang, brun et à la puissante magie.

Although Remus and James did seem to think that they knew the ins and outs of the two of your life's- granted it was mainly James but Remus could equally have his know-it-all moments.

The four of you had been sat on the settee's talking about your previous class, but Sirius excused himself to go grab the book he had borrowed from you three weeks ago and hadn't returned, and with it coming up in conversation he did as he should, going to return it to you. He does have a tendency to take my stuff," Sirius shrugged.

(Though he was killed in 1995, by his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange.) In the Mafia, he is alive again and dating Urvi Petal, and they have a daughter named Aurora (who is named after the person who plays Remus Lupin).

In Sirius’ early life, he went to Hogwarts (School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) and was the first Black ever to get into Gryffindor.

Mason loves Harry Potter, he has since he was little, his fist best friend had gotten him on to it, and even though he no longer speaks to her, he feels he always will have a piece of her with him due to these books.

Sirius is very close to Lily Evans (who since has left James Potter and is now with Remus Lupin) He is also very close to Remus Lupin (his fellow Marauder) There’s not really much to Sirius, he’s just Sirius and that is that.

Sirius Black in the Mafia is played by Mason (whose last name he would like to keep to himself) Mason is a 17 year old Floridian.

The future appeared pretty as a rose and hid its true self, its thorns, well.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Wizarding World's hero, who defeated Lord Voldemort when he was merely a babe. When Sirius Black fell through the Veil, Harry broke free of Remus Lupin's restraint and went into the Unknown, landing himself in an...awkward sitiuation...

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