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Suddenly, Isaac heard a loud rattling noise coming from the bed behind him. That night, Laughing Jack and Isaac played so many fun games.

He spun around to witness the wooden box violently shaking. The colorful carnie stepped down off the bed and with a happy grin said, “I’m glad you asked! I’m magical, I never get tired of playing, I’m a wiz at the accordion, and I adapt and develop with your own changing personality… ” Isaac looked up at the mysterious clown man, “W-we’re friends? Jack looked at the boy while cocking an eyebrow, “FRIENDS? I was specially created to be YOUR not-so-imaginary friend, Isaac.” Isaac’s jaw dropped, “You know my name? With a wave of his hand, Jack made all of Isaac’s tin solders spring to life and march around the room.

Isaac was in ecstasy when he popped the first colorful treat in his mouth, as it was his first time tasting something so sweet. They quickly went back inside and up into Isaac’s room. The ear piercing squawk of Isaac’s mother shrieking his name from downstairs. Isaac used his sleeve to wipe away his tears, “I’m being sent off to a boarding school… and you can’t come with me…” Laughing Jack’s face turned to shock, “What?! Isaac looked up as his only friend with tears streaming down his face, “Jack… He walked over to the box and, with a puff of smoke, was sucked back in, unable to be free until once again opened. For the first time, Laughing Jack felt what it was like to be lonely.

Isaac had so much fun and laughed so hard that night that things seemed to be finally looking up for little Isaac… Neither Jack nor Isaac said a word as he crept down the stairs alone to face whatever horrible fate was coming to him. Even when trapped in his box, Jack was able to see the things going on around it, so each day, he waited for his friend to return, and each day the room grew older and dustier.

So, with the help of a certain not-so-imaginary friend, Isaac was able to finish his chores early and was allowed to go outside and play for a bit. ” Isaac yelled, captivated by fantasy and imagination. Laughing Jack’s arm stretched out across the garden and snatched the unsuspecting feline, who began to struggle quite vigorously. But won’t you get in trouble if your mother finds your neighbor’s cat dead in her garden? The only time they made their presence known was when Jack would hear them fighting.

Things started simply enough, the duo were back behind the house playing pirates, when Isaac spotted the neighbors cat sneaking into their garden. “DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY JACKIE, OR I’LL MAKE YE WALK THE PLANK! Jack’s grip on the cat tightened, and his arms grew and extended like anacondas wrapping themselves around the wily feline as it struggled for dear life. Still Jack’s life became one of solitude, loneliness, and disappointment. Thirteen years passed until the night Isaac’s father came home particularly drunk, and got into an argument with his wife, as per usual.

What little toys Isaac did have were ones he’d found abandoned in the street or washed up in the gutters.

Isaac scooted up to the foot of his bed in front of the mysterious box and picked it up with both hands.

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Once poor frightened Isaac was finally able to fall asleep, he’d dream of what it would be like to have a friend to play with, so maybe he could laugh and be happy like the other children of London.

Jack’s arms just kept squeezing the animal, pressing the air out of its lungs. As years went by, Jack’s once bright vibrant colors began to fade into a monochrome blur of pitch-black void and stark white emptiness. Things escalated to physical violence once again, however this time, she didn’t get back up.

As the once dear house pet’s eyes began to bulge out of their sockets, there came a loud SNAP! Isaac’s father had beaten his wife to a dead, bloody pulp and was sentenced to hang at the gallows the next day.

Then, without warning, the top of the box swung open and a parade of colorful smoke and confetti bellowed out. ” Jack let out a whimsical laugh, “Of course I know your name! Isaac was amazed as he watched his toys move around the room on their own.

Isaac rubbed his eyes in disbelief of what he was seeing. Then, Laughing Jack and Isaac told each other spooky ghost stories.

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