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Stewart Baldwin, in his detailed analysis of all references to these individuals, has concluded that the ancestry is "legendary" and should be rejected as "an eleventh century invention", although he acknowledges that there is still a chance that the entries in the Annales Blandinienses are based on genuine information.

It is also interesting to observe that none of the names of these supposed early counts is found among the descendants of Count Baudouin, although this does not provide conclusive proof of the unreliability of the ancestry.

He is anxious to move on with his life and maintain the best possible relationship he can with Claire for the benefit of their daughter Tea, whom he loves very much.

Thierry would like to stress that contrary to reports in the press, his move to Barcelona was entirely for footballing reasons.” The divorce announcement comes just four years after the couple wed at Highclere Castle, Berkshire.

Ms Merry’s lawyers will study divorce cases in London which have been hugely favourable financially to ex-wives — not least the case of Karen Parlour, who secured a ground-breaking settlement from the ex- Arsenal player Ray Parlour, a former teammate of Henry.

In 2004, Mrs Parlour was awarded one-third of her former husband’s future earnings — more than £1.6 million over four years — as well as two houses and a £250,000 lump sum after a Court of Appeal ruling A similar deal for Ms Merry, 27, would see her earning £2million a year during the course of his four-year contract with Barcelona as well as a large share of the personal fortune he has already accumulated during his career.

The pagus was bound to the north by the North Sea, to the west by the river Yser upstream of Diksmuide, and located west of the town of Gent.

The pagus Gandensis lay east of the pagus Flandrensis, south of Waasland, and north of the river Schelde/Escaut.

It is possible that the doyenn and town of Roulers was also included.

The divorce coincides with Henry’s move from Arsenal this summer to Barcelona, where he will earn £130,000 a week.

Henry’s wife, Claire Merry, a model and mother of their twoyear- old daughter Tea, will be entitled to a large proportion of those wages as well as his current fortune.

The earlier generations of Count Baudouin's alleged ancestors are referred to as counts at Harlabecce, presumably Harlebeke on the outskirts of Courtrai.

It is assumed that, if they were historical people, they were minor lords whose jurisdiction was limited to a small area.

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