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In your 30s, you find your 'fight': What are you willing to fight for and why? It's the decade of reckoning, bookended by the 'explore it all' 20s and the 'fuck it all, what's done is done' 40s. The essence of a woman's 30s: understanding what you prefer in life. Maybe that pear tree espalier in the garden didn't work out, but your cherry tomatoes kicked ass.Maybe you're not driving a Bugatti, but that BMW 5-series is tits.These two decades even have their own version of well-documented existential crises -- quarter-life crisis and mid-life crisis, anyone?The 20s and 40s gals have a distinct and interesting enough internal dialogue that compels the rest of the world to want to have an external dialogue about them -- look anywhere, and you'll end up with a plethora of 20- and 40-something material at your fingertips: self-help books, blogs, TV shows, movies; they're ubiquitous.

Without treatment, almost all women with Turner Syndrome will not go through puberty.It's not pretty as you're trying to figure this out. It's a decade of major transition, a bridge from the broke hot mess of your 20s to the fabulousness of your 40s.Or when 'Mean Girls' graduate to 'boring bitches.' At least that's one of the perceptions that hurts the pre-middle age group.Besides, look at it this way: At least when you're in your 30s, you're mostly done with mouth breathing at the bottom of a toilet bowel, and you still got some years before you get scorched with a hot flash.grade my parents took me to my pediatrician telling him they were concerned with my size.

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