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A series of presumably heated flints has been dated by thermoluminescence; the flints artefacts were collected at the Mousterian open air site of Les Forêts during rescue excavations that preceeded the construction of the Bordeaux...

The interrelation between Yiali and the well-known Santorini eruption, as well as the implications of these eruptions regarding their potential impact to the Aegean prehistoric archaeology (demise of the Minoan civilization), are discussed.

Two flint artefacts were sufficiently heated to achieve dating.

The results are as follows: 90.3±5.0 ka (BDX 5177 - J8B#2) and 97.0±6.9 ka (BDX 5178 - L12C#1).

Because of the first world war, the archaeological excavations were stoped.

The first Iranian expedition worked in Tepe Hegmataneh for 11 successive seasons under supervision of M. Sarraf from 1983 to 2000, these excavations led to discovering some parts of an enclosure and SAP in central, southern and western workshops.

Second round of excavation (12th to 15th seasons) was undertaken by M.Des datations par thermoluminescence (TL) ont été entreprises sur une série de silex présentant des traces de chauffe recueillis au cours des fouilles préventives du seul ensemble moustérien du site de plein air des Forêts, sur le tracé de l'autoroute A89 (Bordeaux -Périgueux).Le couplage de la TL avec la Résonance Paramagnétique Electronique a permis d'évaluer l'histoire thermique des matériaux et d'affiner la méthodologie de la datation en vue de l'obtention d'une plus grande justesse des mesures.more The Magdalenian site in Klementowice has been known since the early 80s of the 20th century.The paper presents the results of archaeological investigations witch has been conducted till now (1981-1982, 2007-2011).

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