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Although the display will provide the hole, par, and green graphic, we didn’t find much value in it.

The whole point of a voice-enabled golf GPS device seems to be avoiding looking at a display.

With the Golf Buddy Voice, Golf Buddy brings its marketing and distribution muscle into the new realm of voice-enabled golf GPS devices.

The Voice is able to leverage Golf Buddy’s experience with dedicated handheld devices, including its exceptional course coverage and mapping of the edges of each green edge, which enables the device to provide distances to the near, center and far points on the green relative to player position.

This places the Golf Buddy Voice at tops of the field in worldwide course coverage. The Bad: We can’t cycle through distances as quickly as we would like, and when doing so, the order is center-near-far.

We found the Golf Buddy Voice to both be slightly less accurate, and often take more time to lock on to a correct reading (on one occasion we saw the Golf Buddy Voice take up to a full minute longer to lock into an accurate reading).

The device is small and light, and comes with a clip to attach to brim of a cap, shirt, or belt.

The Voice will speak the distance at a touch of a button – the default is the distance to the center of the green, but pressing and holding down the main button will cycle through distances to the near and far points of the green.

And as with all devices that are limited to green information, we found ourselves craving distances to hazards.

The Golf Buddy Voice generally provided distances accurate to within 4 yards, although we had difficulty verifying distances to the near and far points of the green as the device no longer provides distances, either by voice or on the display, once the player has reached the green edge (defined as approximately 10 yards from the edge of the green).

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