Trail dating

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I supported and encouraged the remainder of his hike, not only because it was important to him, but because throwing an irrational hissy fit solves pretty much nothing.

Who cares about flowers and cards when I can have my dirty, malnourished hiker to myself for the whole day? Mistaking movie romance for real life will lead you down a long road to disappointment. Things aren’t always easy, and if the hard times make you want to strangle each other, it's a good indicator your future together is pretty nonexistent.

When all is said and done, all of the bullsh*t life throws your way will pale in comparison to the love you feel for the right person.

Whether it's a three-and-a-half-month hike or any other unusual circumstance, the experience should bring you closer together, not tear you apart.

There I was, living in a tiny studio apartment with a cat named Stuart, and my boyfriend was about to take off on a dangerous journey down the East Coast. think about it: What would you do if your partner set out to conquer a seemingly impossible goal? If you find yourself completely miserable when trying to be happy for your SO, odds are, your feelings will snowball into a giant pile of resentment.

I couldn’t even come to fathoming the idea of hiking 20-plus miles every single day, with limited access to food, water and shelter. You can only fake being excited for so long, until your partner realizes every “supportive” statement you make is complete bullsh*t.

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