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The need for such integration in turn explains why police should never allow themselves to be militarized, despite most cops' enthusiasm for military gear.

Militarization automatically separates police from civil society, which leaves them blind and deaf.

But it is consistent with three probabilities: that the Bush administration has decided to bomb Iran, that the Iranians plan in response to roll up our army in Iraq and that Muqtada al-Sadr and other Iraqi Shiite leaders coordinate their actions closely with Tehran.

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We now appear to be doing the same; at least the papers here no longer report daily raids and air strikes on Shiite areas. But it does not explain the Mahdi Army's quiescence. Fighting the Americans is more likely to strengthen than weaken his hold on his own movement. The Sunday, November 18 New York Times made passing mention of a possible clue. If that is true, it bumps the same question up a level.Second, they would tell their allies in Iraq to keep their powder dry.Back off for now, train, build up stocks of weapons and explosives and work out plans for what they will do as their part of the Iranian counter-attack.Counter-attack there will certainly be, on the ground against our forces in Iraq, in one form or another.In almost all possible counter-attack scenarios, it would be highly valuable to Iran if the Mahdi Army and other Shiite militias could cut the Americans' supply lines running up from Kuwait and slow down their movements so that they could not mass their widely dispersed forces.

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