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In 2011, Rooney was in the news again when he testified before Congress about abuse of the elderly, alleging that he was left powerless by a family member who took and misused his money.'I felt trapped, scared, used and frustrated,' Rooney told a special Senate committee considering legislation to curb abuses of senior citizens.'But above all, when a man feels helpless, it's terrible.'Although they had been married since 1978 and their marriage lasted longer than his first seven marriages combined, Mickey Rooney's wife, Janice Chamberlain, had reportedly not seen him for almost a year before he died.'I've been coming back like a rubber ball for years,' he commented in 1979, the year he returned with a character role in The Black Stallion, drawing an Oscar nomination as supporting actor, one of four nominations he earned over the years.That same year he starred with Ann Miller in a revue called Sugar Babies, a hokey mixture of vaudeville and burlesque.

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Players assume the role of a new employee at an obscure music company on a remote island, struggling to make a living and impress a bevy of anime ladies.

Actor Mickey Rooney, the diminutive screen dynamo of the 1930s and 1940s whose more than 80-year career spanned silent comedies, Shakespeare, Judy Garland musicals, Andy Hardy stardom, television and the Broadway theater, died Sunday aged 93.

At his peak he was the incarnation of the show-biz lifer, a shameless ham and hoofer whom one could imagine singing, dancing and wisecracking in his crib, his blond hair, big grin and constant motion a draw for millions.

For 100 in all abilities, enter the code "inamedthem4theirhair." The code "abadeeabadai" will give you 150 energy and "bitchybuthot" will give maximum strength and 00 cash.

Max out magic with 120 points by typing "rosescentisplayedout", or get 90 magic, 90 intellect and 20 woks with "arisearoseareering." For 100 magic and 10 pearls type the sound advice: "gingercureshangovers." Surprise the Twinkle Revue girls or get access to pictures and dress-up minigames with these cheat codes.

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