Two types of fossil dating

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This can be seen along many newly built mountainous highways where various layers of rock, minerals, and vegetative materials are exposed to the human eye as the mountains have been cut through to make passageways.Thus in fossil dating, the layer of the earth in which the fossil was found will be important in finding the age.Recently, he appeared on the evening news to talk about a new dinosaur he just discovered. Paul says he can tell from the fossils that superus awesomus lived on Earth about 175 million years ago.Paul is super awesome, so I'm going to take him at his word.Mostly, of course plant life would have decayed, but leaf fossils do remain if they were immediately covered by volcanic ash that preserved them from rot.What made this discovery of Libby’s possible was the vast amount of work that had gone on before.

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And, what about other findings like fossil fish, plants and insects?The first method that scientists use to determine the age of rocks is relative dating.In this method, scientists compare different layers of rock to determine an ordered sequence of events in geologic history.Add to that the knowledge that everything that ever was, still is, but is in another form.The few leaves that escaped the transformation by being preserved by some chemical action that possibly caught them as they floated downward, or forests of trees petrified into rocks, make for exciting adventures of discovery.

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