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In case they are willing to share all this with you, it means that it must be your lucky day. Nonetheless, you have to remember that other women would like to have a man of this kind as well, so you will have to take really good care of him.Keeping him on a short leash is the best you can do in this case to have your position secured.Even though women may be asking what are the different types of guys, you can be sure that they are all looking for the same type: the big shot.

You might think that you are special, but when asking what type of man is right for me, this is not the one to be thinking about.Nonetheless, we have to admit that they are fun to be around.These are the guys that will take you to exclusive clubs where they know everybody and you will be able to enjoy their company.In case you have a similar style and a similar lifestyle, he might be the perfect guy for you.The women who would like to know what kind of guy is right for me should know that this is not one of them.

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