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• December 26, 2008 AM Ah, but they have the advantage that they prepare the populace to the next War on Freedom by slowly getting it used to being spied on daily.

That, for a government, has to be a major reason to have these, even if unmonitored.

Being able to record the information for playback later is the real key.

You also need to have the necessary alamrs in place so that if the system is tampered with you are notified right away.

"watchers" could register with real names and locations (instead of relying on pseudo-anon web-stream watchers) • December 30, 2008 AM Deploying sensors and collecting data is cheap and easy.

Actually processing and making meaning of the data is tough and expensive. I like the outsourcing idea...after all it's worth someone's money to have Indonesia sweat shops solve captcha's all day. • December 30, 2008 AM There is a difference between public CCTV and private.

Also, once the cameras are installed it's not clear to me that dropping the incident-response tele-operator staff is necessarily going to be the best choice.

Tags: cameras, crime, economics of security, privacy, surveillance Posted on December 26, 2008 at AM • 18 Comments • December 26, 2008 AM CCTV's have been proven to be a waste of time, effort and money.Besides, a lot of unmonitored feeds can be checked after the fact, once something is known to have happened in the vicinity.• December 26, 2008 AM All that money that could have been used for actual real-life officers, instead it's just rotting on street corners and poles all over the planet.• December 26, 2008 AM I agree that these cameras are generally unmonitored despite the public expectation that cameras are monitored.I believe the optimal solution to this is to design and use camera systems for (1) investigations and (2) property crime deterrence.

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