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Then all you have to do is place the aghals on top leaving the black chords dangling in your back.

If you want to wear your keffiyeh without using the aghals, simply make a triangle as described above and use the two small-angled corners to wrap them round your head, starting with the back of the head, and around the forehead to fold it back into the beginning of the loop just behind the ears.

(Pictured: two emiraties in traditional clothing) The UAE traditional Keffiyeh is white and is held in place by the agal (for which the pluriel is aghals) which resembles a sort of black heavy duty hosepipe.Both men and women wear “veils” and long sleeved “robes”.This is immediately understandable to anyone who has spent time in the Arabic peninsula especially in the summer!Do not use the aghals when wearing the keffiyehs in this style.All Emiratis aged from 5 or 6 onwards wear this traditional clothing.

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