Updating church organization to ministry teams

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They include, at the top, a reference to the relevant Act of Parliament.

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The Government, via BBDC, will continue to support Bermudian entrepreneurs in their quest for success and will take any other necessary steps to stimulate economic growth through non-tax policy driven initiatives.2018. The Government is still to decide if betting shops need tougher regulation to block money laundering and terrorism funding as a critical international assessment looms on the horizon.Formed in 2013 by Government through the Ministry of Economic Development.A private/public partnership intended to spearhead the promotion of Bermuda as a preferred domicile for a variety of international business activities, including reinsurance, asset management, trusts and fund administration. Equivalent to 1.93 (One point nine three) per square mile.They have "MP" for Member of Parliament after their name. If they are also Cabinet Ministers, they earn at least ,123 a year in addition.

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