Updating existing buildings upon purchase

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You need to submit 11 copies of the application including any supporting documents plus a filing fee.Should you need further assistance, please call (415) 575-6880 or visit How may I request a building address change or the addition of a building number to my building? The soils reports are available for public review at the Department of Building Inspection, Plan Review Services during normal business hours. Building construction can occur during the hours of AM to PM, seven days a week, including holidays.List the items in the form of specific questions with the pertinent code references and include applicable drawings and documents and the applicant’s own interpretations regarding each question asked.The applicants are expected to conduct their own detailed research before submitting their questions.Depending on the scope of work, you would have to submit two sets of stamped and wet signed revised plans; two sets of calculations (structural and mechanical/energy); two sets of soils reports; two sets of reference plans, etc.If you need more information, please call the Department of Building Inspection, Technical Services Division at (415) 558-6205. How do I request an extension for a building permit application currently under review? To extend a building permit application under review, a written request must be provided to the Department of Building Inspection, Permit Services - Plan Review Services at (415) 558-6133. Only one extension is allowed, allowing for an additional 360 days. Does my project qualify for Over-the-Counter review and issuance?This is detailed in Police Code Article 29, Sections 29.Construction related noise complaints can be directed to the Department of Building Inspection, Inspection Services at (415) 558-6570.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the plans examiner directly.A Notice of Cancellation is mailed alerting the applicant when only 21 days remain to obtain the permit prior to cancellation. The duration of a permit depends on the estimated cost of the work to be done.A one-time extension of 360 days at any time during the approval procedure may be granted by the Director of the Department of Building Inspection upon written request by the applicant. If you need additional information please contact the Department of Building Inspection, Permit Services - Central Permit Bureau at (415) 558-6070 for further information. A copy of the fee schedule indicating valuation, fee and time allowed to complete the work is available at the Public Information Counter or by calling the Department of Building Inspection, General Information Line at (415) 558-6088. What is the process of changing or adding a contractor once the permit has been issued?If review is required by the San Francisco Fire Department, Fire fee is also required for a minimum charge of two hours.A separate copy of all the required items as mentioned above must be submitted to the San Francisco Fire Department Plan Check, 1660 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Premium Plan Review Service is offered by the Department of Building Inspection's plan review staff and does not involve any other City agencies such as Planning or Fire Department.

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