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Therefore, you can think of SSGs as essentially publishing tools.You create content, run an SSG, and it converts that content to web pages.But a combination of two trends has led to the rising popularity of SSGs., including the ability to work offline and a very fast site at the end of the day.Where static site generators don’t excel is in creating very interactive websites.If you plan to allow users sign up to comment on your site Should you allow comments on your site or blog?On the one hand, you can argue that quality content will encourage quality comments; on the other, there's always someone out there with something negative to...As a result, you can choose to install the SSG either: The number one advantage of installing your SSG locally is the ability to easily preview before you publish.

They take content in one format and convert it to HTML.

In this case your workflow looks something like: 1) write raw content, 2) move raw content to server, and 3) run the SSG to convert raw content to HTML.

Some of the benefits of this approach are as follows: On one hand, the ability to preview the site before you publish any changes far outweighs the benefits of a remote install.

It’s very useful to be able to build and preview your site in a browser (more on this later) before you worry about copying to a server.

The below image shows the Hugo server running — note how it builds all the content, then starts a web server and provides you the URL to view it: As mentioned, a local install may be the only option available to you.

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