Updating home wiring

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The price will continue to go up if new circuits are added to the home, or other wiring upgrades are performed.

The bottom line is that there is nothing inherently wrong with fuses, but most old fuse panels have enough problems to warrant replacement.

If you're buying a home with a fused electric service, you would do well to have the service upgraded.

A properly installed fuse is just as safe as a circuit breaker, but there are many reasons why fused homes can have problems, and I’ll discuss a few of the most common problems.

This protects your house against electrical damage and keeps your family safe.

Learning about the types of electrical wiring in homes is a great place to start.

When a fuse panel is overloaded, it probably needs to be replaced.

Because of all the problems that can be found with fuse panels, insurance companies will often charge a premium for homes with fused services, or they'll refuse to insure the home.

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