Updating medical assistants cert

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Retired Law Enforcement Officers Identification and Qualification Cards Amends provisions relating to retired law enforcement officers' certification and qualification cards to be consistent with federal and state law.Possession of Weapons within a Licensed Facility Eliminates the Board's regulatory prohibition on the possession of firearms and other weapons within a licensed facility in conformance with Act 10 of 2011.School Bus Drivers; Medical Requirements and Standards Updates the minimum standards for school bus drivers diagnosed with a brain disease, cognitive impairment or an intellectual or emotional disorder.Physical and Mental Criteria, Including Vision Standards Relating to the Licensing of Drivers; Field of Vision; Loss of Consciousness Updates field of vision requirements for all license holders and requirements for license holders that have had more than one episode of loss of consciousness in the preceding 12 month period.Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards Updates existing regulations to meet new federal mandates for Medicare Supplement Insurance policies and reflect amendments to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners model regulation.Procedures and Specifications for Firearm Record Forms under the Uniform Firearms Act Allows the Pennsylvania State Police to access mental health records for the purposes of hiring police officers and for investigative needs to determine if a person is prohibited from possessing a firearm.Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Assembly Coating Operations and Heavier Vehicle Coating Operations Adds Reasonably Available Control Technology requirements and emission limitations for stationary sources of Volatile Organic Compound emissions from automobile and light-duty truck assembly coating operations and heavier vehicle coating operations.Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Miscellaneous Metal Parts Surface Coating Processes, Miscellaneous Plastic Parts Surface Coating Processes and Pleasure Craft Surface Coatings Adopts Reasonably Available Control Technology requirements and emission limitations for stationary sources of Volatile Organic Compound emissions for miscellaneous metal parts and plastic parts surface coating processes.

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Seller Property Disclosure Statement Amends the Seller Property Disclosure Statement to add sink holes and storm water facilities to the list of subjects requiring disclosure on the property disclosure statement.Reduce Barriers to Entry for Passenger Motor Carriers Eliminates the requirement that an applicant for passenger carrier authority demonstrate that the proposed service is responsive to a public demand or need.Tables Approved for Use in Determining Minimum Nonforfeiture Standards and Minimum Standards for Valuation Adopts new mortality tables for use in determining the minimum reserves that insurers must maintain for annuities and pure endowment contracts.Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Amends existing regulations pertaining to environmental laboratory accreditation to add accreditation standards, clarify requirements, remove unnecessary or cost-prohibitive requirements and amend the fee structure.Radiological Health and Radon Certification Fees; Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation System Tag and Fee Increases fees associated with the radioactive materials licensing and radon certification activities regulated by the Department's Radiation Protection Program and adds a requirement for a Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation System Tag.

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