Updating my office

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I tried updating my office xp via the Microsoft website but it says it's up to date, however, it hasn't been updated before so I don't see how it's up to date.When I go to help and click about, in MS outlook, I see Microsoft Outlook (10.2605.2605) with no service pack number. tag=lst-0-1 to download the full version of sp3 since I dont have my installation cd.However about 5 minutes into the installation, it tells me the expected version was not found. Help anyone on how to update it successfully without the cd.Extract the files by running Admin Templates_32or Admin Templates_64(or use the folder to the Office 2010 installation source.The Admin folder containing the OCT files is suitable for all of the Office 2010 products, for example you can copy the same folder to a Visio 2010 source folder to start creating a customisation file for that product.

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