Updating r4 firmware

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The Asian version contains most Asian dialects/languages (not Japanese). Just extract the SYSTEM folder onto the root of your micro SD card. In this case I strongly suggest you get a refund and tell the seller they are selling fakes.

NOTE: If when you try to boot the card up and all you see is menu??? If you want the card to work (it's actually a copied DSTT), use the loader on the fake website, listed on the page via the link above.

It is not dangerous to accidentally use the wrong loader or put it in the wrong place, so don't worry about getting it wrong, it can't hurt.

Archive An archive file is a single file (zip, rar, 7z, gz etc) that holds many compressed files within itself.

The Multi version contains all English, European and Asian languages, and Japanese contains only Japanese.

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Make sure the arrow on the cable faces toward the back of the card (the non-label side).

Then plug the cable into a USB port on your computer.

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