Updating rowguidcol error

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Filestream allows us to store and manage unstructured datain SQL Server more easily.

Initially, the accounts of FILESTREAM assumed prodigious powers of concentration and cognition, and we mortals all recoiled numbly.

When accessing FILESTREAM data through the streaming API, SQL Server buffer pool is not used and hence it does not reduce the amount of memory available for Database Engine query processing.

This tab allows you to specify the FILESTREAM configuration options that you wish to enable on your new SQL Server Instance.One approach suggests storing the data in a VARBINARY or IMAGE column.This ensures transactional consistency and reduces management complexities, but is bad for performance.The other approach is to store the unstructured data as disk files and store the location of the file in the table along with the other structured data linked to it.This approach was found to be good in terms of performance, but does not ensure transactional consistency.

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