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While downloading a huge game, it is a possibility that some of the downloaded files may be corrupted and because of this, the game may fail to launch as required. All of the downloaded files are listed in it along with their versions.

There are hundreds of game files present on your computer, instead of comparing each and every file, it compares the manifest on your computer with the manifest on the Steam servers.

For details on how revisions are retained, see the Drive Help Center.

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If it senses some discrepancy, it replaces or adds any files.

If your client is experiencing some problems or difficulties, we can repair your Library folders and check if the behavior gets fixed.

i installed and re-installed steam and the software is getting updated but when i try to update the platform, a message on the dialog box says "cannot connect to the steam network" and this happens every time i try to update the platform -please somebody help me on this- it's so FRUSTRATING!!!!

If it senses anything different, it fixes it accordingly.

If the issue is with your computer or a laptop/notebook you should try using the Reimage Plus Software which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files.

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