Updating windows drivers under boot camp

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Select the Ext4 journaling file system and, since this partition will serve as the root partition for Ubuntu, set the mount point to / from the list of choices in the drop-down lists.Now select “OK” to accept the changes (See Figure 3).Installing Ubuntu Now it’s time to partition our 48 GB of unallocatd disk space and install Ubuntu.Download a copy of Ubuntu Desktop and burn it to a CD (or place it on a bootable USB drive). Select “Try Ubuntu…” and then double-click the “Install Ubuntu…” icon when the desktop appears.

Left-click on “free space” to highlight it and then select the “ ” icon to create a new partition. Ensure it’s a primary partition, and located at the beginning of the free space.First, let’s make a mount point for the FAT32 partition we created.Open a terminal and enter the following: Note: using the FAT32 partition in the aforementioned steps is optional.Select “swap area” from the list of choices in the drop-down list, then select “OK” to accept the changes (See Figure 4).Using similar steps, let’s partition the remaining free space as a FAT32 file system.

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