Updating windows vista 34 to 64

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to “Software Distribution OLD”) the “Software Distribution” folder.Before a computer can be upgraded to a 64-bit OS, you must make sure the processor is a 64-bit processor and not a 32-bit processor.You need to erase everything and do a new install of the 64-bit version of Windows using the 64-bit disc.) is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft. * Source: * You can download the latest RSTS driver from your computer's manufacturer website or from the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) Download Center If this article was useful for you, please consider supporting us by making a donation. Search for Windows Update service, then right click on it and select Stop. Without closing the services window, proceed to the next step. Open “My Computer” and navigate to “C: Windows”folder. Install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (Intel RST).If no incompatibilities are found, Windows 7 Setup will proceed without further interaction From here onwards, you need to follow the default Windows installation procedure.You can refer Windows 7 installation procedure guide for more details.

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If you are not sure if your processor is 64-bit, we recommend that you look up its technical specifications.For most users, it would make more sense to get a new computer instead of upgrading all of these components and purchasing a new operating system.Upgrading your operating system to a 64-bit operating system will require you to purchase a 64-bit version of the operating system at a retail store or an online store.Once you get green signal from Windows 7 upgrade advisor, follow the steps given below. Insert your Windows 7 DVD in the optical (CD/DVD) drive. If you have disabled autorun, open the root of the DVD drive (Windows 7 DVD) and run file.You can also use an USB stick to install/upgrade to Windows 7.

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