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Here is a systematic plan to give your wardrobe a makeover without breaking your budget.

Step 1: Clean and Organize Taking inventory ensures you won’t unnecessarily spend on items you don’t need.

Though I could probably use a few more pieces for jogging outdoors in the winter, I’m making due because I only run twice a week.

It’s infrequently enough for me to only need two options to run in and do laundry in time for the next week.

As well as the department stores, Barcelona is full of new designers for you to discover.

Head for the El Born district, where you're sure to find something you will love amongst all the fashion boutiques.

Like I said, above I bolded pieces I didn’t or still don’t have. If I felt the need for more than one in each category, I limited myself to 3. Yes, it seems like a lot of work to just buy 6-8 items.

Mine look like this in bold: Unless you’re going to ask others for help, the descriptions don’t need to make sense to anyone else but yourself. We just got back from vacation, and I’m still getting back to normal rhythms of life at home.Since we haven’t been home for a while, it is only starting to sink in for me that a new year has begun!And though I have “dressy casual” for several activities, I already have plenty of options. For mine, I saw lots of neutral colored loosely fitting sweaters, lots of black jeans and distressed jeans, and oversized cardigans. When I did this with my friend last week, she pinned lots of softer neutrals, any colors were more dull like maroon and olive rather than bright colors, she had lots of flowy long sleeve blouses (as opposed to button ups) and liked special details like lace or non-traditional shaped garments. Come up with 2-3 “outfit formulas” for each focus area. I honed in on 3-5 specific outfits that I liked that I thought would work for each focus area and generalized the pieces to create outfit formulas.I felt a greater need or itch for toddler activity outfits and general put together casual winter items (that I could probably dress up anyway). The outfit formulas include a mix of brand new outfit formulas, outfit formulas I was already doing, or old ones I was doing with a slight variation.

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