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First Credit Cards These cards are those that are targeted towards individuals who are starting to build credit.For first time credit card users, it is likely that they won’t already have credit history – and if they do they have very little.These do typically involve some form of a credit check, however.This process takes seconds and can be performed over the internet through a credit card provider site.For further insight into your credit card needs, it is still ideal to contact a bank representative for a more in depth assessment.Typically financial institutions will have credit card offers that are geared towards students or first time credit users.For more information on the available of prepaid cards through ANZ here is the link.What I also like about this site, is that it offers a ‘find a credit card tool’ that can help potential borrowers search for a card that will best reflect their needs. By responding to a few simple questions – you will be directed to card selections that match your financial circumstances.

In Canada, for example there are a variety of Secured Credit Card options.

The CIBC bank offers a card that is geared towards individuals who need to begin establishing their credit.

This ‘Newcomers’ Card offer can be viewed through the following link: https://com/ca/credit-cards/and can provide further insight into how effective this card can be to those who have zero credit.

This is where things, however can get a bit tricky.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she is in the midst of rebuilding her credit after her credit rating had fallen quite low due to various financial difficulties.

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