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When the book is published, the text from this blog entry will be removed and only the code listings will remain.

An HTML helper, in most cases, is just a method that returns a string. NET MVC application without using a single HTML helper.

So I am now working at a new professional services company in South East England (Ballard Chalmers) who use Hyper-V throughout their DEV / TEST environments.

I have previously been a VMWare Workstation person myself (and I still think the simplicity and ease of the user interface is unmatched) but for the foreseeable time I will be running Windows 8.1 Pro on my laptop as a Hyper-V host.

The premise is that the system files (Windows core application files and drivers) very rarely change, so why do we load them all into memory when the machine is started?

Well, in Windows 8 they aren’t, instead a partial backup of the system memory is saved which contains all of those files pre-loaded and THAT gets refreshed straight into memory when you start up.

The problem of course is that it sometimes appears as a “removable drive” which I can “safely remove”.

and I’ve stretched it to almost 16 hours when just browsing the web and writing some documents).As a result I tend to “Sleep” my laptop most of the time.I have also occasionally performed a “Restart” when Windows Update prompts me to.On my environment at least, this was executing fast enough that by the time I opened up Hyper-V Manager the error had been sorted.This is a rough draft of a chapter from the book ASP. You use HTML helpers in a view to render HTML content.

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