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The answer: inside the furnaces of stars and the explosions that mark the end of some stars' lives.

Astronomers have long studied exploded stars and their remains — known as "supernova remnants" — to better understand exactly how stars produce and then disseminate many of the elements observed on Earth, and in the cosmos at large.

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Youngest and most beautiful daughter of the noble Du Couteau family of Noxus, she ventured deep into the crypts beneath Shurima in search of ancient power.Below you can find more technical information, photos, AIS data and last 5 port calls of CASSIOPEIA V detected by AIS.Are you interested in the sailing schedule of the CASSIOPEIA V ship?Transformed by the venom of an ancient Shuriman tomb guardian, she continues to serve Noxian interests as she always has, just in a more... reclined against a crenulated rooftop and gazed over the winding alleys and crowded streets of Noxus. "You chase drunkards like me through the filthy gutters of this city now, is that it? She channeled it all into the screeching, mind-shredding wail. It felt like she was floating, her potential for greatness infinite. Searing emerald light blazed from Cassiopeia's eyes.Untroubled by the cool night air, she wore a shift of translucent silk, which revealed the transition at her hips where soft skin merged into overlapping scales of sinuous snakeskin. The man's final panic was outlined in silhouette as he petrified from the inside out.

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