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After losing her mother from cancer, she is adopted by Alan and Monica Quartermaine. The character's most significant storylines include; dealing with the death of her mother, adoption into the Quartermaine family, early struggles with substance abuse, friendships with Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber, her own battle with cancer, overcoming rape, and marriages to Zander Smith and Nikolas Cassadine. Monica Quartermaine meets Emily's mother Paige Bowen while the two women are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The two return and Emily agrees to let the Quartermaines adopt her. Pierce Dorman, Emily turns to drugs with her new friend Matt Reynolds.

Through adoption she gained four siblings, Dawn Winthrop, Skye Quartermaine, A. Pierce sues Monica for sexual harassment, and Emily's cousin Ned Ashton discovers Emily's addiction.

Emily learns that Zander had been working for unethical mob boss Joseph Sorel, who placed a hit on Zander for the problems he had created.

Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas agree to help their friend, and hide Ted's body in a freezer at Wyndemere, Nikolas' family estate on Spoon Island.

Emily is then blackmailed by Gia Campbell who knows about that Emily was with Ted before he died.

Emily spies the kiss, and accepts a drugged beer from a stranger.

She strikes up a conversation with a man named Ted, and is stunned when she awakes the next morning to find herself naked in a bed next to Ted, who has been murdered.

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