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Demetrias was established by Demetrius Poliorcetes, King of Macedon.Iolkos or Iolcus, was the homeland of mythological hero Jason, who boarded the ship Argo accompanied by the Argonauts and sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece to Colchis.There are also connections to Limnos, Lesvos, Chios and Skyros.Modern Volos is built on the area of the ancient cities of Demetrias, Pagasae and Iolcos.

You can find your destiny and become the happiest one in the world. Volos is the newest of the Greek port cities, with a large proportion of modern buildings erected following the catastrophic earthquakes of 1955.It includes the municipal units of Volos, Nea Ionia and Iolkos, as well as smaller suburban communities.Personal ads of singles in the Volos area will be at your fingertips and with our new matchmaker service you will receive new matching members in your email inbox on a weekly basis.Find the best Volos singles when joining our online dating service today!

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