Vtp not updating packet tracer

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In a large network, we might make a mistake in VLAN configuration.

You could instead use switchport trunk allowed vlan #vlan under each interface to manually prune – this does give you much greater control.Verifying: The following commands will help with verifying VTP on each switch: The show VTP status command will show what VTP version is running, how many revisions, operating mode and VTP domain name.The VTP version is in fact 1, I’m not sure why its showing 2.Vice versa we may forget to remove VLAN on one of the switch, while removing VLANs. With VTP we can add or remove VLANs on one switch and this switch will propagate VLAN information to all other switches in network. VTP messages can only be propagate through the trunk connections.So we need to set up trunk connection between switches.

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