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At system start-up, it can load boot sectors from partitions to boot an operating system from the respective partition or load the Linux kernel and boot Linux.

It also provides the important possibility of passing a command to the kernel.

Therefore, operating systems can also be booted from the second hard disk.

Unlike with the DOS boot process, the entries in the partition table are ignored when using LILO.

### LILO global section boot = /dev/hda # LILO installation target: MBR backup = /boot/990428 # backup file for the old MBR # 1999-04-28 vga = normal # normal text mode (80x25 chars) read-only menu-scheme = Wg:kw: Wg: Wg lba32 # Use BIOS to ignore # 1024 cylinder limit prompt password = q99iwr4 # LILO password (example) timeout = 80 # Wait at prompt for 8 s before # default is booted message = /boot/message # LILO's greeting ### LILO Linux section (default) image = /boot/vmlinuz # Default label = linux root = /dev/hda7 # Root partition for the kernel initrd = /boot/initrd ### LILO Linux section (fallback) image = /boot/vmlinuz.shipped label = Failsafe root = /dev/hda7 initrd = /boot/optional ### LILO other system section (Windows) other = /dev/hda1 # Windows partition label = windows ### LILO memory test section (memtest) image = /boot/label = memtest86 Anything between a # and the end of a line is regarded as a comment.

Spaces and comments are ignored by LILO and can be used to improve readability.

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If your boot manager is able to boot this partition through its boot sector, you may install LILO into this boot sector then tell your boot manager that the partition is active.

This happens after a certain interval set with the delay and timeout options as explained below.

A sample configuration for a computer with both Windows and Linux is shown in .

Processor manufacturers release stability and security updates to the processor microcode.

While microcode can be updated through the BIOS, the Linux kernel is also able to apply these updates during boot.

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