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I sucked that thing like there was no tomorrow, for what felt like an eternity till she had seen enough.I gagged and spluttered as I took it out of my mouth and I had tears running down my face. You need a LOT more practise” Seems my sissy humiliation live on webcam is nowhere near completed.

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All I know is that for my first real time session with a dominatrix, she had dressed me in a pair of fishnet stockings, pink high heel strappy shoes, a thong and a boob tube.

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She had forced a blond curly haired wig on me and slapped enough cheap makeup on me to stop a bullet.

As well as that, she also put a chastity cage on my cock that forbade any erections. Plus, when I leak pre-cum through the cage, it means my panties get moist just like a proper slut.

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