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Some of the less dependable and cheap services out there can cause for out of the ordinary things to happen with your phone.Let’s quickly go over a list of suspect signs to watch out for.If you start regularly receiving SMS’s that don’t make sense and possibly contain series or random letters, numbers and/or symbols, it may be someone on the other end sending the phone remote commands.Static Noise / Feedback on Calls: Once again, don’t freak out, as this is very common to happen on many calls, but if you constantly get feedback and static on many of your calls, at the least, your device needs some form of repair.

The downside is that it can cause echo and feedback, easily detected on calls.

Unusual Signs: Depending on the service used by the perpetrator, it can be less effective at being stealthy.

Some buggy apps can cause the phone to crash and stop responding, or shutting off even on full charge.

Understanding and knowing what monitoring services can do, is a good first step to being better capable of detecting them on your phone.

Although the software is mostly undetectable, there are a few telltale signs to help us determine if there is probable cause to look further.

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