What verifies carbon dating

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But how can we know the age of this second artifact?

The only means to absolutely know the age of anything is through a "birth certificate", that is an eyewitness who saw it happen and documented the event for later examination.

20,000 years ago, this field would have generated enough Joule heat to liquefy the earth.

One million years ago the earth would have had greater magnetism than all objects in the universe, and would have vaporized.

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If any fundamental planetary process ought to be a reliable indicator of the earth’s age, it should be our earth’s magnetic field–and that field indicates an upper limit significantly less than 10,000 years for the age of the earth.Age is an effect of time, not an intrinsic property of matter.The only way to indirectly determine the age of an artifact is through comparative analysis against a similar artifact of known age.Analysis of the helium content of those same zircon samples revealed strikingly high helium retention in those crystals.The helium should have diffused out of the zircon samples even more rapidly than the lead would have, if the earth were more than several thousands of years old.

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