Who is andy baldwin dating 2016

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July 20, 2016After Chloë gets in a fight with the Kardashian family during the Kimye/Taylor scandal, Brooklyn posts an Instagram wearing... July 21, 2016The next day Brooklyn posted this selfie to show everything was a-okay with the couple.

Chloë and Brooklyn broke up quietly a few weeks ago.

No one expects this to last forever." September 17, 2017It appeared Brooklyn and Chloe made things official once again when they shared a cuddly picture of Chloe's feet resting on Brooklyn's lap on Instagram over a year after their split.

October 4, 2017Brooklyn clued fans into the fact that he and Chloe are on matching-clothes level of love when he shared this pic of their identical shoes on Insta with the caption, "Luckiest person on earth..." October 11, 2017Brooklyn is still in Dublin with Chloe and he posted the absolute cutest video of Chloe to his Insta. Specifically — Chloe and Brooklyn's relationship status.

According to reports, the couple got into a fight at a Coldplay concert, which was so bad that it ended the relationship.

I think he admires kind of what I stand for and he's always like, 'Go do your political thing, Chloë,'" June 26, 2016Look at the two effortlessly lounge together without a care in the world.

They're matching hats blocking them from the sun and the haters.

October 2015After a year went by without any sightings of the maybe couple, everyone pretty much assumed things were over between the two, especially after Brooklyn was seen cuddling with French model, Sonia Ben Ammar at a concert and she was featured in one of his Instagram posts.

calling Brooklyn a "sweetie" and a "cutie." And when asked about how her brothers felt about the relationship, Chloë explained, "I'm the older woman, I'm in control!

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