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Howard, from the Gentlemen's Magazine 1743 - setting for harpsichord or pianoforte - MIDI Lyon's Favourite - American 6/8 fife march, for Matthew Lyon, former Green Mountain Boy, US Representative to Congress from Vermont and Kentucky, and participant in the first duel fought on the floor of the House of Representatives - MIDI Mac Allistrum's March - Irish / Scottish March (funeral march for Alisdair Mac Allistrum, a Scot killed while fighting against English Parliamentarian forces under Lord Inchequin in Ireland in the 1600's) MIDI Maggie in the Woods - Irish polka - MIDI Maid Behind the Bar - Irish Reel, and a good session tune - MIDI Malbrouk, French - 1722, also popular in colonial America and used by Beethoven in Wellington's Victory - - MIDI Masters in This Hall (Master in the Hall) Christmas Carol - see Female Sayler Maroon Bells - Contemporary American fast reel in Dm, by Rick Wagner - MIDI Maroon Bells in E Minor - Same reel in dulcimer friendly key of Em, by Rick Wagner - MIDI Marquis of Huntley's Favourite Strathspey - Scottish, a William Marshall strathspey in Gminor, the original fiddle key - late 1700's MIDI Mary Gray- 18th Century Scottish short reel - MIDI Merry Men - 18th Century jig and 6/8 fife march, "Merry Men Home from the Grave" - MIDI Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife - Irish jig, three part double jig, in G - MIDI (The) Mill, Scottish Air, Robt.

Burns - Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Minstrel Boy to the War Has Gone - Irish/Everywhere, Thomas Moore 1800's - MIDI Miss Mac Gregor's March - Scottish 6/8 march, named for someone who was almost certainly a relative of Rob Roy Mac Gregor. Mc Leod of Raasay Miss Drummond of Perth's Favourite Scotch Measure - attributed to Niel Gow - MIDI Miss Drummond of Perth's Favourite Scotch Measure2 - a second or harmony part - MIDI Miss Garden of Troop's Reel, R.

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Special thanks to Bill Bauer for access to his well-annotated finding list of books with Maine settings; this list would be much smaller without his help.

Depending on your browser settings and plugins, the MIDI files will play or download.

A good "spooky" tune.- MIDI (Mr.) Horn's Strathspey, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - in Am - MIDI (Mr.) Horn's Strathspey, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - in Gm - MIDI House of the Rising Sun 4/4 version, American traditional, with a bass line - in Am - MIDI House of the Rising Sun 6/8 version, American traditional, with an arpeggiated bass line and intro - in Am - MIDI Hunt the Squirrel - Lively English country dance in 6/8, widely known and played, and possible source of a schoolyard chant - MIDI Hunters of Kentucky - The original "Battle of New Orleans" song, from 1815, with the original 1815 accompaniment.) - MIDI Branle L'Official - 16th Century dance tune that became a Christmas song "Ding Dong Merrily on High".Goes well in a medley with the Morrisque - MIDI Branle Double/Branle Simple/Branle Gay - Three short 16th century branles - MIDI Brian Boru's March, Irish - very old 6/8 march - MIDI Cantique de Noel - French 19th Century Christmas Song (O Holy Night)- MIDI Captain Mac Heath's Soliloqy - (Greensleeves Variant) - A cynical song, sung by Mac Health while in prison waiting to be hanged on Tyburn Tree.Example here is as an intro to 8th of January - MIDI Under the Double Eagle Intro - not by Sousa, by Wagner, example as intro to Scotland the Brave - MIDI Washington Post March - by Sousa, example here as intro to Over the Waterfall - MIDI Irish Washer Woman - Irish jig, with piano accompaniment lines, one of the few Irish tunes universally recognized by the "Green Beer Irish" at any time of the day or night on March 17.(However, it just might have been composed for an English ballad opera.) MIDI Irish Washer Woman, Murphy's - Irish jig, with a bass line - version from Murphy's Collection of 1809, with some more modern parody lyrics MIDI Jackson's Morning Brush - 18th century Irish jig, by Walker Jackson, the "piping rector".

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