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While she was still in two pieces, she was interviewed by the show's host, who asked her what it felt like to be sawed in half.Copperfield then asked her out on a date and, after she agreed, he finally put her back together in one piece.During this appearance, Schiffer assisted Copperfield in a traditional "Thin Model" version of the famous stage illusion, "Sawing a Woman in Half", with Schiffer being sawed in half by Copperfield and the show’s host, who used a large two-person saw to cut her in half.Having sawed Schiffer in half and separated her halves, Copperfield then tickled her feet, causing her to scream with laughter and complain (in German) that she was ticklish.During the show, she would be levitated high into the air, made to vanish and re-appear, beheaded by a full-sized guillotine, and finally sawed in half.

Schiffer has done catwalk modelling for Versace, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Valentino.When talking about the model profession at present, she said: "Supermodels, like we once were, don't exist any more." She has said Gisele Bündchen was the only person who comes close to earning the supermodel title.From 1994 to 1999, Schiffer was married to the American illusionist, David Copperfield.Shortly after this, they became engaged, and married the following year.While they were married, and when not otherwise occupied with her modelling work, Schiffer often joined her husband in his stage shows as a special guest assistant in a number of illusions.

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