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As the Saints and Brees continue their awkward dance toward a potential divorce (and until the deal is done a divorce can indeed happen), the Saints can’t afford to be perceived as doing anything that would seem to be aggressive or disrespectful toward Brees.

Leaking what amounts to a warning to other teams that they can’t negotiate with Brees during the 48-hour negotiating window easily could be perceived as that sort of gesture. Agent Tom Condon will know (if he doesn’t already) what another team will pay Brees if he makes it to the open market.

Reporters get antsy when people speculate on sources, so I won’t.

But I will say this: It wouldn’t be the first time that an entity with an agenda handed a scoop to a reporter with a specific request that the sourcing be phrased in a way to completely cover the tracks of the entity with an agenda.

The first start Brees made in the Big Ten was as a sophomore vs. His final numbers were 31-for-36 for Purdue records of 522 yards and six touchdowns. “It was Brees.” A year later, the Boilermakers came to the Metrodome in late October and had to work much harder for a 33-28 victory.

“All the things you see now, we saw in him 20 years ago,” Carter said. “Minnesota’s defense was totally different,” Brees said postgame. This year, they had maybe three snaps of man coverage …

In between, the 1994 Gophers lost 49-37 at Ross-Ade Stadium.

Carter, all 5-foot-9 of him, went on to win the Jim Thorpe Award as the nation’s top defensive back.“I was a year ahead of him and played 11 years in the NFL,” Carter said. “Drew Brees is as committed as anyone you’re going to find in football.” Carter laughed slightly and said: “I couldn’t get him in college, but I got him by one in the NFL. “Brees is still going seven years after I was done. While this admonition may keep a team like the Vikings or Broncos from accidentally tampering with Brees as of Monday, it won’t stop any team that is interested in Brees from making that interest known, or from making the magnitude of any offer that would be made to him clear.The simple fact that the news on Thursday, March 8 was that Brees can’t formally negotiate with other teams until Wednesday, March 14 and not that Brees and the Saints have a deal in place underscores the reality that the chances of Brees leaving New Orleans, no matter how small they may have been, are now at least a little bit bigger.

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