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You originally got your start on Broadway, and now you’re working more in TV.

What’s the difference when you’re singing on TV versus singing on Broadway? Denis Leary [creator of , and Gillies’ costar—he plays Johnny, Gigi’s father] does a very interesting thing where he likes me to sing live, and that’s not done a lot in TV and film.

And I like that all of our sex scenes this year, or all of our sexy scenes, there’s an element of comedy, and something always goes wrong in all of them. We try to make it funny at the end, we try to make fun of ourselves. So, yeah, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me full naked on camera anytime soon, if ever.

Elizabeth Gillies is currently dating Michael Corcoran and is currently dating Matt Bennett.

But I think the root of their friendship and their relationship makes it a little less so, thank god. They came to the premiere and that girl-on-girl kiss lasted about three times as long in my head when we were sitting in the audience.He’s super-funny, he’s an extremely sweet and generous guy, and he’s a wonderful collaborator, which is my favourite thing about him. And we’re both more mature, so I don’t think either of us would be completely comfortable dating somebody who was super-young, although I do think maybe it would be nice for Gigi—we’ll see where this relationship goes with Flash, but—to maybe dabble in dating somebody young, a little bit longer term.He always is so open to letting us improv; he loves when we suggest different things, even storylines for the characters. In the show, Gigi’s boyfriend Flash [played by John Corbett, a.k.a. And that, somehow, seems to have become this big point of interest in interviews. In real life, and I think Gigi’s the same way in the script, I go off of character and I go off of personality, and connections with somebody. We saw a little bit of that last season but, maybe it would be cool for her to really experience the true early-twenties life that she never lived.I had to be very picky this year about which days they came to set, cause they wanted to visit set a lot, and half the days I would be there, you know, riding John Corbett, or making out with a girl, so I had to be very specific.Is there a line that you draw for yourself, in terms of things you would or wouldn’t do on camera? At this point in my career, I really have no interest in being fully naked, or topless.

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