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Brandi learned that she is not very strategic, and that she is softer than she lets people know. James says this is the best day he's had in the house, and he couldn't stand her. It's a tie between James and Omarosa with 6 points each. Then we have a segment where the guys try to come up with an alliance name. Meanwhile, Ari notices that Ross was in the kitchen talking with Mark. James got to the end, when he flipped and had to start again. Time for the live veto competition (well, live yesterday). Everyone is happy for Metta, and happy he got the cheer. As he said, he built a bond with everyone in the house.

Ari and Brandi wonder if Marissa and Ross knew about the plan. I'm really sorry to hear that because he will probably be the one to go. James says that it's no fun campaigning, but everyone seems to think they can't beat Marissa. Marissa says that it's okay to take her because she can't win. James runs to get his jacket because it was all so quick. Julie asks James if he will date Brandi after this, and James said he has thought of it zero times and that's a no. Ross talks to James and Mark in the morning, telling them not to trust Omarosa. James and Mark about whether they should go with Omarosa or Ross.

They believe that the foursome now is Ross, Mark, James, and Omarosa. Everyone in the HOH room is yelling at Brandi as they watch on TV. Mark says he has to pick a replacement that will get Brandi out. Marissa just wants to stay out of Brandi's line of fire. James thinks it's anyone's game, but Ross has a shot. Mark says that he has to rethink the whole Omarosa deal.

Ross tries to talk to them to find out if they are okay. Ross is the only one who isn't selected, and he's happy. Time starts slipping away, and Brandi is still working on the first one. Mark and James are exercising, and Mark says that he is nominating Marissa because she has not been on the block, and he wants Brandi to go out. James is happy that he and Mark are on the same page. As Mark tells James, this is Big Brother, not Big Hommie. James is really happy that Brandi won't be around to insult him. James said he had a lot of fun, and at least he beat Brandi. Julie tells them the final five are headed to finale night. Mark realizes that they either blindside or they don't.

As Mark says, he's heard through the grapevine that Brandi wanted him up. We'll find out who wins POV Unfortunately, I checked, and I know who was evicted last night.

Mark thought he has his puzzle first, but he did not. As Metta says, the game is more mental than physical.

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