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A collection of Hudson River & New England Brick with a brief history of the yards and towns where they were made. A for his exhaustive work on "Brick Brands of the United States." Other sources consulted are noted in various section of the web site. In 1910, Berlin had about 11 brickyards, and yearly produced about 102,500,000 bricks.WEBMASTER NOTE: This is in no way meant to be an authoritative resource for the identity of brick brands. Another resource for identifying Hudson River bricks is a listing prepared by collector Andy Van Der Poel. Aldridge, a brick manufacturer located in Dutchess Junction. The Great Depression ended the building construction. On Tuesday, Jamie Lynn Spears' husband, Jamie Watson, took to Instagram to give a happy update on how his stepdaughter Maddie Aldridge is doing following her scary ATV accident.Related: Jamie Lynn's Daughter's ATV Had Major Safety Warnings Mr.Will the disgraced mogul actually stand trial for rape?Experts believe he could take a plea bargain to avoid facing 25 years in a criminal case that may hinge on actresses providing "prior bad acts" testimony, a key contributor to the Bill Cosby guilty verdict.

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The hole was bought by John Carbo who had a company on Christian Lane. He was recognized throughout the country as an authority on brick making and the brick market. Over 90,000 bricks were produced each day with as many as 90 men and women working together. From there he handled the output of many yards along the river. As he was driving through the woods two miles south of Hudson, carrying a large sum of money to pay the employees of the company, Mr Fowler was attacked and shot by five highwaymen, others acting as signal men, and died two hours later at the Hudson Hospital, September 3,. The salary for an average worker was 1-2 dollars every 10 hours.Rather, these are our "best guesses" from perusing city directories, conducting comparative analysis, going on field trips with brick "gurus" Fred Rieck and Andy Van Der Poel and researching material in publications and on the Internet. Andy has a much larger Hudson River collection than I and has wonderfully researched and documented each brick. The last brickyard to close was a flower pot company which didn't last too long.SEE SOME OF ANDY'S COLLECTION & DOWNLOAD HIS COMPLETE LIST HERE. The electric shovel arm is still visible in an old clay pit on Route 72.

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