Who is krysten ritter dating

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And I think people can really get behind that, and it makes people feel so empowered.”These days, empowerment is a word that can feel like it automatically has air quotes around it. It’s used to refer to just about everything women do now, from participating in political marches to developing a 10-step skin-care routine. ”Ritter explains to me that Rosenberg didn’t want to make “a big deal out of it,” and that the original idea when hiring directors was just to “make it equal.” And Rosenberg agrees, saying, “It normalizes parity. How cool will it be when, like, it’s not a big deal? To be able to have any contribution at all to women’s lives or society in any way as an actress is really exciting.

And it’s for these reasons that Jessica Jones, despite being imbued with superhuman strength and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, is an incredibly vulnerable protagonist, relatable for many women who have also experienced abusive relationships with ultra-entitled men who get off on gaslighting their partners.Eventually, Adam Grandunciel and Krysten Ritter fell for each other and have been dating since 2014.Also, just last year in March, the hot actress was seen enjoying her romantic getaway in Cancun wearing a steamy bikini with her beau Adam, beating off the blistering hit on the beach.Krysten Ritter and her beau Adam steamy PDA Source: RADAR Krysten Ritter and her beau Adam Granduciel couldn't take their hands off of each other- it seems like the couple is really serious about their relationship.Rumors about them getting engaged swirled up in the media earlier this year but nothing concrete has come out of those rumors yet.

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