Who is robert pattison dating

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Hogg, David Alan, Dep Treas Solicitor, Treas Solicitors Dept.

Janvrin, Robin Berry, CVO, dep private sec to the Queen.

Mc Quaid, James, ch scientist, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env.

Pryor, Arthur John, former head, Competition Policy Division, Dept of Trade and Indust.

Laing, John Martin Kirby, CBE, DL, chm, John Laing plc, serv the construction ind. Meadow, Prof Samuel Roy, serv paediatrics and to the R College of Paediatrics and child hlth.

Odgers, Graeme David William, chm, Monopolies and Mergers Commn, serv ind.

Pickard, John Michael, chm, London Docklands Development Corporation, serv urban regeneration.

COMPANION OF HONOUR: Rowse, Alfred Leslie, For serv History and Literature.

KNIGHTS BACHELOR: Ayckbourn, Alan, CBE, playwright, serv the theatre. Baker, Nicholas Brian, MP for Dorset North, for polit serv. Blundell, Thomas Leon, FRS, serv the Biotechnol and Biological Sciences Research Ccl and to scient res.

Eyre, Richard Charles Hastings, CBE, artistic dir, R National Theatre, serv drama.

Harrison, David, CBE, Master, Selwyn College, Univ of Camb, serv educ and to nuclear safety. Horton, Robert Baynes, chm, Railtrack plc, serv the rly ind.

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