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Saundra Adams speaks to inmates at the Mecklenburg County Jail in October 2017 as her grandson Chancellor Lee Adams looks on.Her 30-minute talk received a standing ovation from several of the prisoners, who also had questions about how she had been able to forgive Rae Carruth and his three co-conspirators for murdering her daughter. Carruth was held at the jail before his sentencing.

Her baby Chancellor Lee Adams was born by emergency Caesarean section later that same year after Adams had been shot four times in a murder conspiracy masterminded by former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth. He will eat the first piece of birthday cake, which will feature his favorite strawberry mousse filling as well as a picture of a horse. Chancellor Lee used his walker – pausing to carefully navigate a 2-inch divot in the asphalt – to make it to the bench where he now sits. Saundra Adams says she cannot believe that her grandson is 18. “No-vem-ber 16th,” Chancellor Lee says, pronouncing each syllable slowly. 16, 1999, the son of former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth was supposed to die.Instead, Chancellor Lee Adams is about to turn 18 years old.Would Chancellor Lee like to meet his father on the day he is released? It is early October 2017, and Saundra and Chancellor Lee Adams are inside a jail themselves. Carruth once made roughly ,000 per game with the Panthers.This is not the one where Rae Carruth is incarcerated, however. For much of his prison sentence, he has worked as a barber, cutting the hair of other inmates for a dollar a day.

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