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Personally I do not like anorexic thinness, I prefer a healthy, lean body.

In order to return to my former shape after giving birth, I reduced carbohydrate intake, increased intake of protein and practiced various sports, yoga, pilates.

The interiors will feature @Missoni’s distinctive color palette" @Mansion Global's @arshapiro90 on fashion & luxury real estate mansionglobal.com/articles/95523…

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During pregnancy, I did not keep some special diet, but did not allow myself to eat everything. There are many qualities you must have to succeed in the modeling world.Tune in at 6PM to Stories Facebook Live to join @usgbcmiami local #LEED experts as they discuss green building trends the #Sustainable Design being implemented at Missoni Baia pic.twitter.com/C6Ugt2Ytt9 Envisage yourself tiptoeing along the edge of your private pool on a sheltered hillside, in a peaceful garden overlooking the shimmering #Aegean in your #Amanruya Pavilion aman.com/resorts/amanru…#Bodrum #Aman Adventures #Aman30 #Amanjunkie pic.twitter.com/w AWE3Qg Vsh Set on the #Bodrum Peninsula overlooking the turquoise Aegean Sea, #Amanruya, meaning ‘peaceful dream’ reopens today for the season.It stands contrapposto, where 1 side of the building is holding its full weight & the other is relaxed" @smithgillarch's Gordon Gill in @Arch Daily archdaily.com/893532/as-plus…pic.twitter.com/8GBRac3x Di "opening by the end of 2020, #Missoni Baia will feature amenities including a pet spa, a gym with bay views & 24-hour concierge.

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    The features are a long time coming for the 14-year-old social network, which has allowed users to broadcast whether they’re single or in a relationship since it first went live in February 2004.

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