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That site, due to the subject matter, attracted lots of trolls (you can't say "troll" at Loveshack) and I know how big a job it is to keep track of them and research and ban them, so I have some sympathy for mods.

And as they said over and over, they had to go by the owner's rules.

Broken records who would never take advice, who thought everyone in the world was wrong and they were right, would never seek professional help, as is too often the case of people who need it worst.

These people were just like a rat on a wheel, hoping to somehow get what they want with no effort or taking responsibility for their own situations.

There were times when people were rude and harmful to those who were seeking out help.

Many posters just wanted to be heard rather than help people, or wanted to provide 'tough love' when it was not in order.

My biggest gripe is I think adults should be able to use the same cuss words you can see nightly on prime time tv, as long as they're used passively rather than for name calling at the person.

I was once moderated for using the word "cucumber." Really? That said, when I ran a site, my site was a total dictatorship.

This would mostly be people I found annoying or who challenged everything anyone said.

They need someone to be honest with them instead of just sympathizing because they're their own worst enemy. Another thing is you can't judge that a person is a loser because they post a lot. One such person is home with a special needs child.

I'd ban those people once it became a hopeless pattern if it was up to me because it demoralizes those trying to help. You really want to act like she's nothing because she posts good advice for you on a regular basis?

You give some advice and receive 0 likes, and the popular cool kid gives exactly the same advice 3 pages later with 10 likes.

It is true about people ganging up on others, and if you stand up to the bullies then they will come after you.

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